This was one of those generators, that I wasn’t 100% sure where things were going to end up. I had an idea, yeah but as I was working on it, the overall design format changed and the end product wasn’t the same as how I started. I had to cut back a little, to keep the from repeating and becoming bloated, but otherwise was quite happy with how it ended up. It did make me both giggle and sigh with exasperation though when several folks thought they were being “helpful” in pointing out I spelt the title “wrong”….until I pointed out that how it’s spelt here in the UK.

Original Date of publication: 30th September 2019

Drivethru metal rating: Silver (Top 19213 products (14.15%))

What do you hear in the tavern today?

You are sitting down in the tavern for a nice meal and a drink when behind you, you overhear a loud person talking about something interesting.

But wait…did they just say the King, of all people, was legalizing the hunting of ogres? Then you hear something else that catches your attention then another. They can’t all be true, but if they were, then things are getting very interesting around here…

This edition of the Empire Builder series is made to give you a series of possibly true, possibly false or even downright made-up stories to get the attention of your characters and provide possible plot-hooks and maybe even adventures. Do they investigate this disgusting rumour to prove it is false or is it the perfect opportunity to take down the evil doer?

Problem is…what if the rumour is false….?


  • A d10 table to tell you if the rumour is true, false, or somewhere in between
  • A d10 table for suggested openers
  • A couple of optional d10 tables to expand and give more details to the rumour
  • 4 x d100 tables to cover the subject, the topic and who the rumour was heard from
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