Quick Generator Sci-Fi Material Names

To semi-go along with last week’s PDF release, I am FINALLY ready to start with the tweaked blog plan, with content, a d20 list etc (assuming health allows me to, etc). This week’s “theme” is about materials found in a sci-fi, or modern, setting.

Originally published on 6th February 2017, Quick Generator – SciFi Material Names has gone to achieve a Silver metal rating on DTRPG, putting it in the top17508 products (14.86%) PDFS on there.

Like others in the Quick Generator series, this has 10,000 possible results, some that are similar to a substance that already exists, with others requiring advanced tech to manufacture.

Quick Generator Sci-Fi Material Names

The Quick Generator series is all about making simple generators that, as the name suggests, are quick to use. Typically they are two tables, then when you roll on each on them, combine to give you a quick concept, name or another bit of information you might find handy to have at hand.

The Quick Generator creates the names of Sci-Fi themed materials. They may be futuristic names for materials that already exist or something with new and weird properties.

Featuring –

2 x d100 tables for the description and property, giving you 10,000 possible results.

Sample outputs

  • Crystalised Chrome
  • Ultra-Light Bone
  • Dark Tungsten

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