Star and Planet Name Maker

This week’s PDF highlight, as I make an attempt to restart my blog posting schedule, is “Star and Planet Name Maker”.  This is one of the PDFs I think, content-wise, I was close to being 100% happy with on original publication. Whilst the layout/format could do with some tweaking, the core of it was done just how I like. Could it be expanded on? Certainly! But thats not a high priortiy.

Since being originally published in October 2017, it has gone to get a GOLD rating on DTRPG, putting it in the top 4941 products (3.91%) on there!

Star and Planet Name Maker

It has been said by some that the universe contains a billion galaxies. Each galaxy is meant to house a billion stars. That is close to a billion, billion stars, many of them with planets of some kind.

Most celestial catalogues use a hard-to-remember designation system like PX9-32 etc. A name is easier to remember and this will help you to create some names for your planets and stars.


  • 2 x d1000 tables a prefix and suffix, divided up into 20 handy d100 sub-tables for the Star/Planet name
  • 1 x d100 designators to tell you what position in the system the planet belongs, such as Alpha, IV, Six and a few more
  • 1 x d100 table of pre-made examples, ready for you to use, such as…
  • Astrozevo Prime
  • Fephedro VIII
  • Solarformica IX

100,000,000 possible combinations can be generated, some more suitable to your needs than others – The ones that seem weird and odd to us would be perfect for the translation from an alien language or miscommunications.

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