Starship Maker

This weeks PDF hilight from previoulsy made ones, is Starship Maker, a compilation and tweaking of what was a previous Multi-part Kit.  At the time of posting this,  it is currently “Electrum” rated on DTRPG, which puts it in the top 7579 products (7.33%) of PDF they sell on there, which I am quite happy with :D. It still has more that could be added to it, but i feel this is something that might be worth another update in a year or two, or at the very least, an expansion/add-on PDF.


Hilighted PDF details

Many years ago, Ennead Games brought out a series of PDFs called the “Starship Kit.” It was designed to help Gamemasters, players and storytellers come up with starship designs and details for their sci-fi games and tales.

Now, it has been compiled into one handy volume, updated in places, some tables tweaked, others expanded and so on.

The Starship Maker gives you a series of tables and ideas to help with your creation or to “fill in the blanks” in an existing design or concept you already have – From the shape, to the engines, to the weapons, even the ship’s name and registration.

Inside you find tables and help with…

  • Armour and Shields
  • Crew Roles (not the crew, just the various jobs)
  • Engines and Propulsion
  • Environmental Systems
  • Medical Systems
  • Power Generation
  • Ship Name and Registration
  • Ship Class, Shape and Size
  • Weapons systems
  • Plus more!

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