Quick Generator – Holy Book Name

Give a name to the book of holy words


Holy Books are found in almost every religion. They give the followers of that religion text that help explain the creation of the world, their place in it and rules to live by. Sometimes these names can be descriptive of the contents or be metaphorical.

This Quick Generator can be used to give you a name for various holy books or a chapter/section within it. Designed for use in the fantasy genre, this can be used in modern and sci-fi setting for religions that have lasted until the current period, or for referring to holy texts of times gone past.

Featuring 2 x d100 tables that can give you 10,000 possible combinations

Example outputs:

  • The Anthem of the Epoch
  • The Matriarch Codex
  • The Sacrament of the Guardian
  • The Litany of Peace
  • The Archangel Aria


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