Quick Generator Stellar Feature & Phenomena Namer

Quick Generator Stellar Feature & Phenomena Namer

What have you found as you journey through the void?


When travelling through the infinite void of space, if you go far enough, you are bound to encounter something interesting

It could be anything, from a planet with an unusual biosphere, or something best described as a cube that consumes all that comes into contact with it.

This PDF gives you 2 x d100 tables that combined can give you a name or classification for up to 10,000 possible stellar features & phenomena.

Some of the names might be literal descriptions of the phenomena, others a descriptive metaphor and even some might be called what they are because the person who named them was struggling to classify them, used a name they thought sounded good (even though it was very wrong) and it just stuck.

Example Outputs:

  • Dying Well
  • Neutron Breach
  • Phase Expanse
  • Proto Strip
  • Subspace Eddy


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