white background with hexagonal light blue cells on it, giving things a medical/sci-fi look

Sci-Fi Medical Babble Generator

Medical sounding nonsense for the sci-fi & modern genre!

Sci-fi (and some modern) shows or films often like to have their characters spout off some kind of medical-sounding nonsense/babble, to make them sound more important because the character is faking or even if the makers of the show didn’t have the time to research the medical terms correctly.

In games, you might have to describe a player characters condition or injury or have other medical-sounding information to hand, especially if you are not concerned about accuracy and just want things to sound right-ish.

This publication gives you a set of tables to help generate some medical-sounding babble, suitable for the sci-fi/modern genre, with names for the condition, the injury or symptoms, the tech used when treating and even a simplified system for creating medical drug names.

Example Outputs :
1. Descriptor + Affliction : Omega Rot
2. Injury/Symptom + Body Part : Mangled Colon
3. Tech/Treatment Prefix + Suffix : Temporal Sedative
4. Drug/Medicine Prefix + Sufix : Pasibal-cavirtoran


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