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This set of world-building prompts/questions is a follow-up to the previous one regarding medicine (can read it HERE) and focuses on the sci-fi/modern genre, to go alongside the sci-fi medical-related PDF I brought out this week.

Whilst this set is themed around sci-fi/modern settings, with some tweaking could be used for others genres as well, replacing technology with magic-items for example.


  1. Is genetic manipulation present?
  2. What is the most difficult-to-treat condition and what makes it hard to treat?
  3. Is cloning for medical reasons tolerated?
  4. Is organ/body part donating after death “opt-in/optional” or “opt-out/mandatory?”
  5. Are there any famous surgeons/medical practitioners and why are they well known?
  6. What is the public view on cybernetics, bionics, implants for medical reasons?
  7. What is the name (and details) of the organisation that oversees medical practitioners/sets rules & protocols etc?
  8. What is the most advanced piece of medical technology called and what is it used for?
  9. What procudures are banned/restricted and why?
  10. What type of cosmetic surgery or augementation is available?

Bonus = How is everything from salaries to equipment paid for?


The ongoing & growing list of world-building prompts & questions can be found HERE.

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