Don’t really have an article ready for today, so instead have a list of some of the planned sci-fi themed products I have on my ever-growing to-do list. Just be aware there is no confirmed date for any of these and they are in no particular order, with the exception of the first three, which are either already done, or in the design stage.

  • Star System/Planet Maker – An update of the Multiverse Kit
  • Planet Name Maker – Designed for making planet names (obviously) – but can be used to make star/system names
  • Lifeform Maker – For creating alien species. These are not necessarily sentient species but can be used as the basis of one
  • Culture Generator – You have a species but now want them to be uplifted to sentience and into the void – Whilst this one will be stand-alone, it will be a perfect companion to Lifeform Maker
  • Starship Maker – A compiled and updated version of the Starship Kit collection
  • Space station Maker – Used to help you come up with space stations for various cultures across the multi-verse
  • Mech Maker – Does what you think it will do
  • Robot Maker – A companion product for Lifeform maker, but will cover non-sentient creations as well

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