Hi everyone, just thought I’d give an update on my plans for the new year and the site/products.

From the 5th of the january, the posting plan for the blog will be slightly modified.

Monday : RPG round up : Will be staying the same, but I’m going to try and format the post a bit to make it easier to read and generally look better.

Tuesday : Will be product hilight day. If something was released on the previous monday it will be that, if not an older item.

Wednesday : Will still be Campaign Chunks,but instead of beingjust based on a random wiki article,like it is right now, will feature magic items, starships, monsters, planets, foul beings from beyond the veil etc. In otherwords, more possibile items and things to use in your games or storys.

Thursday : Image Thursday will now feature,  a “Featured Image” that can be used for inspiration, along with some suggestions . This will be a challenge to you to find a way to use it, or take the ideas supplied to expand on.

Friday : Random List Friday will stay the same.

Saturdays & Sundays will stay open for future guest slots, whenever I can get contributions

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