“Knowledge is power”

Sir Francis Bacon

Religious Meditations, Of Heresies, 1597

In many games and stories, books and tomes contain information and secrets. librarys are full of books from authors living and dead. Finding the information you want can be the proverbial hunt for a needle in a haystack. But you have a problem. Your players want to know about a random book they just grabbed from a shelf. What is the cover like? The spine? Does it have illustrations? Who is the author?

This is where the Book Generator can help you. It deals with:

  • Fiction Books
    • The genres of the fiction
    • The quality of the writing – Good bad or down right awful
    • The style of the writing – Is the book a light-hearted comedy or passionate romance novel?
  • Non-Fiction
    • What is the topic this book covers?
    • How complex is the material? Suitable for beginners or masters of the craft
    • How accurate is the contents? Afterall you don’t want to find out that the author was wrong on 90% of the subject at the wrong possible moment
  • Spellbooks for both the arcane and divine
    • How many spells are in the book?
    • What’s on the other pages? Blank pages? Diagrams? Notes?
  • Title Generation – Need a prompt or idea to make a title for the book? This has got you covered.

You get some detailed charts that help you generate the physical details of the book itself such as:

  • Age of the book
  • How many authors worked on the book and how much did each contribute?
  • The condition of the book
  • The construction of the book
    • The types of pages
    • The binding material
    • The cover and spine, including the details of the cover
  • The Edition of the book – Is this the first version or have there been others?
  • The ink and writing method – Just what is that ink made from?
  • Does the book have illustrations and if so what style and quality are they?
  • What language is the book written in? Is it a language still used today or has it been penned in a langauge no-one speaks or reads anymore?
  • Does the book have a page marker?
  • Details about the pages of the tome are covered – what are they made from and how big are they?
  • Book Value – Is this book valuable or worthless
  • Quirks and special quality of the book – Is it hard to open or do the pages have an odd look to them?
  • Supernatural Qualities – A few books have supernatural and possibly arcane qualities – From being acid proof to the text being invisible until the book is held underwater

As you can see, this will give you many possible options and ideas to get you started. Check out the pdf today at the link below

Book Generator PDF

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