One of the newer pdf I am working on at the moment is a slight departure from the generator and a kind-of return to the Helpful List series. The working title is”Assorted Slang and Terms”. In essence, it’s a list of terms you can use in your games and stores to help flesh out your descriptions and make them feel more real and authentic.

Although each will have their own modified version of the format – the baseline for slang will be a list of English terms – followed by the “translated” version. One option I am looking into doing will be the reverse of that, the slang term followed by the English translation.

Some of the volumes will have a simple entry, such as the terminology followed by an explanation as to what it means – This will be more like a Glossary.

I am aiming to get one of these out every month or so, but, as with anything else, depends on workload or health.

The first planned one, the one I am working on now, is a simplified Thieves Can’t(TC)/Slang. I have done the English – TC listing and now working on a format for TC to English. The issue I am having right now is that some English words have multiple versions in the TC language (see Arrested in the sample below for a perfect example of this). I may just have duplicated entries for the second part to make it easier for people to convert back and forth.

This particular one I am aiming to get done by the end of the month, or the first week of February (more likely)


Sample from the first volume:-

  • Accomplice – Hired Help
  • Apron – Belly Cheat
  • Arrested – boned, hooked, invited, nabbed, pulled, roasted, snapt, touched
  • Arm – Fin
  • Assassin – Hit Man

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