Quick Generator – Space & Sci-Fi Encounter Concepts

A quick generator doesn’t have many tables. It has been designed to come up with something in a quick and easy fashion, as the name would suggest.

This generator is for coming up with a quick concept for a Sci-Fi or space themed encounter, such as a type of planet, anomaly, or space ship.

Using these 2 d100 tables together is quite simple. Roll a d100 and check the result against the first table. Roll a second d100 and do the same for the second table. Combine the two for your quick space or Sci-Fi themed encounter concept. If you can’t use the result or it doesn’t make much sense, which can happen with random tables, then pick or re-roll another entry.

Example possible outputs:

  • Trans-dimensional Dreadnaught
  • Invisible Testing Zone
  • Chronologically Slowed Weapons Platform
  • Moving Military Base
  • Standard Ringed Planet

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