English: A calendar like a clock
English: A calendar like a clock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Miniature Calendar of Items

“I love this calendar. Every day it provides a handy simple item. Just yesterday i got a shovel, the other day I received a handy hat. On my birthday it gave me a cake, it’s awesome. Such a shame the items only last for that day. “

Miniature Calendar of items
Power Level : Empty (0)
Activation : Appropriate Action
Approximate Age : Decades – 90 years
Condition : Average (5)

The Miniature Calendar of Items is, to put it simply, a handy way to have mundane or non-enchanted items on your person and useable for the day.

The Miniature Calendar of Items(MCI), is a small pocket-sized item that resembles a notebook. It has a cover made from thick paper and on its front is the year to which was originally dedicated. Each page is linked to one day of the year. This is based on the culture where the calendar was made, so one based on a culture with 365 days in a year will be different when compared to one that’s has 1,000 days in its year. Because of this and it’s relatively low power, it’s quite a common enchanted iem to find, normlly empty, as they are often discarded and left behind, many believing them to be useless once empty.

On each page is the date, a gap for notes and a picture of a mundane item. It is activated by turning the page to todays date and placing your hand on the page. You can turn to other days, to make notes or see what is coming up, but the item will only manifest on the correct day. The first person to do both actions will get a mundane item that has been conjured. This item matches the picture on the calendar. and last for 24 hours or until the next sunrise, which ever comes sooner.

This particular calendar is empty of power, having given out all the item within it. To recharge it, an item must be stored/given up for each day within the calendar, through an easy to cast ritual. Only once every day has been “filled” can the calendar be used. This must be done within 100 years of the items original date or it reverts to a simple notebook calendar. This also assumes that nothing happens to the calendar as although it has a handy power, it does not provide itself any form of arcane protection and thus can be easily destroyed or damaged by fire, flooding etc. Any item that are still stored within the calendar at this point are also lost.

Many variations of the calendar exist. Some only provide items on certain days and act as normal calendars the rest of the time. Others can customise the item for the person using it. One variation keeps the 24 hr/sunrise rule, but on expiration the item returns to the calendar ready for use next year.

Due to the ease of their manufacture many realms give them out as gifts for loyal and deserving citizens. A few kingdoms have started providing them to their agents , each loaded page loaded with a tool or weapon to help them in their activities.

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