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Hunting spear and knife, from Mesa Verde National Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spear of the Runesmith

“He stood before the Fallen One, armed only with his spear, his armour torn asunder. The creature bellowed a foul scream across the bloody battlefield and charged towards him. I saw the spear leave his hand. The beast dodged and the spear missed, flying past its head. It then mocked him for missing. He then smiled as the spear returned and hit the target from behind, piercing the beast skull and causing it to finally die.”

Spear of the Runesmith
Power Level: Artefact (10)
Activation: Will
Approximate Age: Generations – 200 years
Condition: Poor (3)

The Spear of the Runesmith is a potent artifact possessed by a sect of dwarven warrior-priests. It looks like a normal spear, with a double spiked tip and a smooth wooden shaft, capped with a metal protector at the end. For those who have been allowed to hold the spear, it has a faint, almost friendly, warmth about it. Those that the current user believes to be an enemy feel what appears to be a fearful cold emanating from it. It got its name from the maker, an artificer who went by the name Runesmith, her real name unknown to all.

The Spears primary power is to never miss the target it is aimed at. As long as it is a real target and not an illusion or projection it will hit where you want it to. If the creature moves, it will follow. All you have to do is focus on what you want to hit and the spear will do the rest. The damage will be the maximum possible you could do. It is rumoured that the only way to escape the Spear is to travel to another plane or through time.

A secondary power of the spear is that it can adjust its size when in use or flight. A small user, such as a dwarf or smaller, would find it becoming a different size when compared to say a human or giant. The balance of the spear auto adjusts as well

Like most artifacts, using this one comes with a price. Thankfully, it’s one most users are willing to pay. It must only be used to defend others and not for greed or attacking in anger. Using it as a first strike weapon or in the name of evil will result in the spear turning on the user and what was willed to occur to the enemy, will occur to yourself. This was illustrated rather spectacularly 26 years after the spears creation when the demon G’kaka’pak seized the spear and tried to use it to kill those sending it back to its hell. The spear flew towards the target, circled around it and flew back towards the demon, piercings it’s chest and dragging what could be called the creature’s heart along with it.

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