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Aportation Gem

“It was as gemstones go, rather ugly. It looked like amethyst but had an odd glow about it. Our roguish companion however lusted after it. When she grabbed it, and started waving it about it glowed bright and blinded us. When our vision cleared she was gone. It wasn’t long before we found her dead, fused with the wall in the direction she had waved it.”

Aportation Gem
Power Level: Artifact (10)
Activation: Appropriate Action
Approximate Age: Many – 39 years
Condition: Falling apart (1)

The Aportation Gem, as with many artifacts is known by several names. Teleportation Gem, Thief Bane and others. First discovered 39 years ago, the gem was discovered after a fierce battle in an ancient insane gold dragons lair. The gem was found embedded in the dragon’s brain and is thought to be the reason for madness. How it go there is a mystery, but some theories suggest that it was an accident when the gold dragon tried to use the gem and it got stuck in his head.

It’s primary power is one of teleportation. The gem is simply held and waved in the general direction the user wishes to travel. A clear mental image helps and knowledge of the destination. If there is no clear image but a vauge term, then the user is transported to the general area, within a mile. The travel time is instant. There is no limit to the range the gem can teleport the user, nor is the size of the creature transporting. If they can carry it and hold the gem, then they can take what they want.

Like many other artifacts, the AG has a downside. If the gem is used by those with greed in their heart, the gem transports the user but doesn’t bypass any structures or other objects. In effect if there is something in the way, they get stuck within it. The gem also has a nasty tendency to become stuck within the user’s body in some way, but not in a way that kill the user.

The AG is very fragile for an artifact and close to falling apart. If, or when, it does, it is unknown for sure what will happen to the energies contained within, although some believe it would not be pretty.

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