Staff of Hearing

“It was just laying there at my feet, after he dropped it there. My head was still ringing from the blow I had received from it. But when I picked it up, my hearing cleared. I could hear properly. Not only that but I could hear the assassin trying to creep up behind me..I could here his heartbeat, the rustle of his clothing. I could hear his companion in the next room, holding her breath and the rush of air as his arm moved to strike. It was the last move he ever made…”

Staff of Hearing
Power Level : Major (6)
Activation : Appropriate Action
Approximate Age : Several – 6 years
Condition : Good (6)

This staff is made from a smooth mahogany style wood, which has been stained a deep reddish-brown colouration. It has on the top a gold head, with various symbols and marks on it. One of these symbols is of the maker and it resembles what some say is an eagle, yet others say is a bat. It is a flying creature of some description

The Staff of Hearing is a reasonably powerful item that acts as an amplifier for the users hearing. All the user has to do to activate its powers is to be holding the staff and to start to concentrate on their hearing in some way. This is to prevent the user from being overloaded with sensory input. When activated, the user becomes aware of anything within a range of 100 feet or so, even through walls, that moves and makes a noise. The staff allows the user to triangulate the position of any one of these objects down to the smallest possible amount giving them an edge in combat against surprise attacks and ambushes. If it moves, they can sense it. Only by keeping perfectly still and not moving will you evade this staffs power. Even then ,your heart, breathing, minor movements and blood flow will give you away. Creatures such as living statues , as long as they stop moving, cannot be detected by the user of this staff. If you can create something like a zone of silence around you, you will not be detected, but the void that it would create in the sensory input would be something most experienced users of the staff would keep an eye out for.

As a secondary power, any hearing issues the user is suffering from, like deafness or tinnitus, is negated whilst the staff is being held. This includes arcane induced deafness as well as that caused by injury or other means. This can be quite alarming for those who are born death as they are suddenly granted the sense of hearing when they may have never had it before. This secondary power is always active, only whilst the staff is touched or held, no command or action is required.

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