Orzsottya Atzonervar’s Stout of the Barkeep

“This drink is incredible. Everytime I take a gulp of it I get ideas for drinks and cocktails and much more. Like every time..it’s starting to hurt my head…I need a drink…”

Orzsottya Atzonervar’s Stout of the Barkeep
Power Level : Greater (7)
Activation : Appropriate Action
Approximate Age : Centuries – 1000 years
Condition : Fair (4)

The Stout of the Barkeep is technically a recipe and brewing method rather than a drink, but as it’s only effective if you drink it, most belive it to be the drink, rather than the method itself. Orzsottya Atzonervar was, according to the family legend, an old adventurer who travelled far and wide. On his travels he happened to save the life of a satyr like creature. As a reward the satyr gave him the recipe and methods needed to make a drink that would make him famous and wealthy. The satyr made sure that only those of Orzsottya’s bloodline would be able to take advantage of this recipe and method

Several years later, Orzsottya retired on the wealth he had made, passing the secrets down to his only child. She in turn, would pass it down to her children and so-on, over a thousand years. The Atzonervar family has become quite wealthy from the stout. Many have tried to discern the secrets of the stout, but very little has been revealed. The only things that have become know about it is the ingredients are rare and hard to find and the brewing method requires certain rituals to be performed

The main power of the stout is to inspire the drinker into devising drinks, cocktails or other beverages. They do not have to act on these ideas and each swig of the stout gives the user a different bit of inspiration. This is what gives the stout its other name, Stout of Inspiration. Once the stout has been brewed, making sure all the rites and rituals have been observed, the first glass dipped into it become the Stout of the Barkeep. The rest remains as a normal stout, but a very tasty and strong one.

To get the full effect the intended user must down as much of the stout in one go. If they stop at any time, the idea that was forming in their head gets replaced by a new one. The more that is drunk in one go, the higher quality the idea they get. 10 mins after the first sip is taken, the stout revert to normal stout like the rest of the batch.

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