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Ladder of Embarrassment

“Wish I never bought the damn thing from that wizard. I there is a chance that me falling off it will result in something embarrassing happening, oh boy you can bet it will happen. Last time it happened was when I was working on a pig farm. Yes, I did fall into the muck and it took ages to get the stink out. If it wasn’t otherwise the best ladder I have ever had I would have burnt it a long time ago.”

Ladder of Embarrassment
Power Level: Minor (1)
Activation: Appropriate Action/Random
Approximate Age: Decades – 60 years
Condition: Very good (7)

The Ladder of Embarrassment, is, surprisingly, a ladder. It classified as an extension ladder. Extension ladders are made in two or more sections so that the ladder can fold up to make it easier to carry about and to store. To open up the ladder, each section slides up almost to the top of the next section. A command word locks the ladder in place until a second is uttered, allowing he ladder to be moved.

This particular ladder was built for a carpenter to use in his day-to-day work. His old ladder broken, he remembered doing a major discount for a wizard who promised the carpenter a favor in the future. This wizard, sadly, was, in fact, a servant and worshiper of the local goddess of mischief. This goddess prided herself on the pranking of others, but only if it was embarrassing. If anyone was killed or injured by a “prank” caused by one of her servants, they would feel her wrath. So the wizard saw this as an opportunity to square his deal with the carpenter and please his goddess. After several days, the item that came to be known around town as the Ladder of Embarrassment was given to the unsuspecting carpenter.

The ladder itself is, in many ways, one of the safest ladders in the world. It does not slip, it locks into place quite easy and anyone using it will not fall. One time, a wall it was resting against fell down, but the ladder remained in the position it was placed. It’s power, as was mentioned, is to cause embarrassment to the user. For example, if you are working near a pig farm, you would slide off the ladder and fall into the muck. A passer-by walking under it would have water dropped on their head. It actively works to prevent injuries, especially to those that cannot normally defend themselves, like children or those injured and/or infirmed. One time the user of the ladder was about to fall on a rather portly gentleman, but his child pushed him out the way. The ladder stopped the faller from hitting the child and instead spun him around and into a nearby pond, startling the ducks within.

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