Gauntlet (PSF)
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Shape-change Gauntlet

“She just snarled at me with contempt, mocking me, threatening to finally kill me once and for all. I had only the gauntlet left. The sage told me of its power, but I had never used it, there was no real need. I quietly slipped my hand into the gauntlet and before she could strike, raised my hand and pointed at her as I had been instructed. The fingertip quickly glowed and a blue-grey light engulfed her as she got close. When the light faded, before me was a large goat with a rather shocked expression on its face.”

Shape-change Gauntlet
Power Level: Greater (9)
Activation: Gesture
Approximate Age: Many – 42 years
Condition: Falling apart (1)

The shape change gauntlet is a typical metal gauntlet. It protects the wrists and the lower part of the forearm from being scraped or cut if there is an accident or in combat. Originally designed to be part of a pair, the second gauntlet was never made after the crafter got caught up in a hedonistic death cult and drank and fornicated himself to death. Some had the belief that the gauntlet was to be part of this cults disgusting activities, but no proof either way has been found.

The shape-change gauntlet (SCG) is a simple one. The user points at the target with their index finger extended. If the target is valid, then a blue-grey light emits from the fingertip and strikes the target. Almost instantly, it is transformed into another living creature, normally something the user of the SCG would find amusing or non-threatening.

The target on the polymorph effect on living beings must be sentient and have in its mind to harm to the user. This is to prevent accidental activation towards innocents. It will also not affect anyone already under the effects of a polymorph spell or similar effect, but will instead cancel it and return the target to its original form. If used on non-living targets, such as objects or the undead, the object is still changed but retains its original properties. If, for example, a sword was changed to resemble a block of cheese, it would still be metal and way the same as the sword. It only changes shapes, not properties.

Due to the nature of its construction and condition, the gauntlet is not in the best condition, but it’s power remains potent. A few wizards have begun to study the gauntlet to find out it’s secrets before it falls apart and the knowledge of its power is lost. A rumour persists that the gauntlet can be made to change its shape if directed at a mirror, but this has not been tested yet.

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