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Alchemical Brain of Brozak

“He was probably the greatest alchemist I had ever known. Some say the best in all of history. One day he got so excited, proclaiming he had discovered a way to live on after death. Of course no-one believed him. Until after he was killed. then his greatest work became known.”

Alchemical Brain of Brozak
Power Level: Artefact (10)
Activation: Mental Command (Ancient Halfling)
Approximate Age: Few – 5 years
Condition: Fair (4)

Brozak was a highly skilled gnomish alchemist who believed he had perfected a system for living on after death. Shortly after his death by a group of religious assassins, his assistant was following the instructions in Brozaks will. Placing the body in his laboratory and covered in certain chemicals, the lab was set on fire. the blaze was intense and burnt even the stone to a liquid. once the fire went out, all that remained was the charred skull of Brozak. Picking up the skull, it disintegrated leaving the shocked assistant to be holding the brain of his master.

It was at this moment that Brozaks master plan was revealed. The fire, along with the chemicals and other processes now lost, had indeed allowed Brozak to maintain his life after death. His brain was now a receptacle for all his alchemical knowledge. The process also granted the brain artifact like qualities. It could communicate with anyone holding it, would require no sustenance to survive, could perceive the world around it as if it was alive and most importantly, indestructible.

The ABOB is a potent artifact for alchemists and magic users, but almost useless in the hands of anyone without any alchemical knowledge. A non-alchemist can communicate with Brozak, but it’s true power come alive in a practitioner of the alchemical sciences. Any alchemical process done within 5 feet of the brain works better than expected. Impurities are removed. Some say that in a way the brain acts like the fabled Philosopher’s Stone of legend, a comparison and compliment that pleases Brozak greatly.

Brozak main goal is to continue his work after his “death” and will gladly teach anyone who can prove their skills to him. In return, they get access to all his knowledge and abilities. His ultimate goal is to regrow a body that has the same properties of his brain. Some progress has been made towards this goal in the 5 years since his transformation. Those who know of this artifact are keeping a close eye on the progress of this experiment. Even if he fails, the side benefits have already proven to be worth almost any costs.

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