English: A Vampire. Italiano: Un Vampiro.
English: A Vampire. Italiano: Un Vampiro. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The name of a vampire can strike fear and terror in those that hear it. But what is that name?

The names on this list have a mixture of western-modern and fantasy feel to them. This is to reflect that many vampires are quite old and some might say arrogant, with the very dramatic or cliché names, such as “Doom” or “Bloodbath” and the fact they come from many backgrounds. Some names have Dutch background, some French and other countries.

The first 10 names are female, the next 10 are male, although there is nothing stopping you from using any of the names from the list.

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D20,Vampire Name

1 , Caroline Nix
2 , Henrietta Doommark
3 , Jett Cairnfang
4 , Jett Dreadmist
5 , Mallory Salizar
6 , Margaret Dirgeheart
7 , Niamh Cruelscream
8 , Velvet Griefhell
9 , Velvet Vorkink
10 , Willow Darkblood
11 , Colin Direwing
12 , Damien Mabuse
13 , Dregan Fogterror
14 , Gabriel Painshriek
15 , Jett Dirgeheart
16 , Jett Fardrinker
17 , Julius Carpathia
18 , Lucien Bloodworth
19 , Rhain Giovanni
20 , Viscardi Morgenstern


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