These have been made using an coming generator I have dubbed the “B-Movie Title Generator”.  A B-movie is a low-budget film of inferior quality made for use as a supporting feature in a cinema programme. Some people jokingly refer to the B in the description as “Bad” or poor quality.

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D20,B-Movie Title
1 , Apeman From Beyond Infinity!
2 , Creature From the Planet of Death!
3 , Day of Beyond Hell!
4 , Destination Another Dimension!
5 , Earth vs. the Incredible Dinosaur!
6 , Earth vs. the Phantom Creature!
7 , Escape from the Cave of Death!
8 , Fury of the Vampire!
9 , Hunger of the Death-Ray!
10 , Hunger of the Giant Robot!
11 , It Came From the Earth’s Core!
12 , Planet of the Unstoppable Invaders!
13 , Revenge of the Menacing Plant!
14 , The Creature Strikes!
15 , The Creatures of Dr. Skull!
16 , The Island of Devil Giant Gorillas!
17 , The Island of Dr. Brain!
18 , The Island of Satan’s Daughter!
19 , The Neanderthal that Came to Earth!
20 , When Dinosaurs Attack!



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