Are you are a bard that favours mocking your opponents? Do you wish your insults were a little bit more creative? Just go placed into a dwarven insult contest and have not prepared? Then this list is the one for you

These were made using the “Dwarfevn Insult Generator” by Ennead Games and can be found HERE or HERE.

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[tablelist caption=”” width=”500″ colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|left”]

1 , backward reprobate!
2 , bloodless cry-baby!
3 , bloodless web-foooted perfumed dirt-grubbing disappointment to ya ancestors!
4 , bulbous trashy hearth-hating rust-minded kidneywipe!
5 , cantankerous turd-pile!
6 , decrepit disappointment to ya ancestors!
7 , dribbling worthless willow-waisted bat-dropping!
8 , incompetent pointy-earned crap-combing orc!
9 , little milk-drinking barbed pestle!
10 , pointless two-bit orc-faced pebble!
11 , pompous slow-witted sleazy bug-chewing git!
12 , reeking manure stick!
13 , revolting smudge-rubber!
14 , slothful weak-armed rat-spawn disappointment to ya ancestors!
15 , stinking barbed swanky-panted hanky-waving git!
16 , stumpy slow-witted blabbering fish-catching pyrite-brained!
17 , swollen thumb-sucking loose-tounge whiny ledge lizard!
18 , unweened slow-witted web-foooted armpit!
19 , worthless pixie!
20 , yellow-bellied donkey-eared unhoned gobshyte!



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