Need an idea for the main aspect or type of planet your star crew has encountered? Well we got you covered with the list of 20 of them.

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1 , Advanced tech – A colony has sprung up around advanced technology that is not fully understood by the inhabitants
2 , EMP Field – Technology above clockwork doesn’t work here
3 , Feudal World – This world either is currently at a feudal level or has regressed from more advanced tech levels
4 , Fungus World – The planet is covered in giant fungi
5 , Graveworld – Another nearby planet uses this world as a place to put their dead
6 , Haunted by Holograms or Illusions
7 , Hollow World – Either the centre or large portion of area under the crust is hollow or empty
8 , Megacity world – All landmass is covered in one joined up mega-city
9 , Naval Yards – Starships or various shapes and sizes for a military power are built here
10 , Nursery planet – used by another species to raise their young
11 , Phased – Shifts in and out of phase with the rest of the system
12 , Polluted – The ecosystem on this world is close to breaking down due to pollution
13 , Rapid Temperature increase – The planet is getting hotter for some reason
14 , Rotates clockwise/retrograde
15 , Ruins cover a large part of the planet from a previous civilization
16 , Sacred World – Some sentients regard this place as holy
17 , Slow field – FTL style travel is impossible around this planet
18 , Temporal Instability – Time goes slower on this planet
19 , Very low population world, like something has removed 3/4 of the population
20 , Warzone – A ongoing war is being fought here



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