This weeks resource is another website dedicated to background or ambient sounds, called Ambient Mixer.

So, what can you expect when you visit the site? I’ll let the site blurb speak for itself – “ is a community driven project offering you some unique quality soundscapes with different atmospheres for chilling, relaxing or your recordings using our endless audio loops. You can further effectively mix and create your own sounds absolutely free, with no software installations required. You can begin listening to our sounds by clicking on the images above, which are based on different themes. All atmospheres are royalty free audio files and you can use them even in your commercial projects, thanks to the Creative Commons Sampling Plus license.

Each one of these themes have great sounds that have the effect of making you enter a world of wild and beautiful nature, fantasy, science fiction, thrill, horror, ambient noise, adventure or even meditation. Every atmosphere sound is related to each of the images and has the power of giving you a unique experience by pulling you into these worlds.

On listening to our complex sound atmospheres, you will be amazed at finding how accurately the sound matches what you desire for relaxation or your audio and video recordings. gives you the opportunity to mix, create and share a new ideology in sound atmospheres with your friends and family. We wish you a great experience and are happy to receive your feedback.”

To cover it in simple bullet points :

  • It’s free – donations are most welcome but not required. Like other free sites, these donations can be the difference between closing up and carrying on, so please if you use it, consider throwing a donation their way
  • Can be used in commercial projects (as long as you attribute the authors/creators)
  • Customisable – Each track can be tweaked within a few parameters, such as volume, repeating etc
  • There are a lot of pre-done mixes ready for you to use
  • There is a mobile/app version, which makes using it in games and such much easier
  • You can create your own mixes, but this does require an account – which makes sense as you would need to store your creations somewhere


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