Meant to post this yesterday, but got caught up in another project

Anydice is a “Dice Probability Calculator”. For the majority of people this won’t be useful, but, for designers or GMs who want to know the various possible outcomes of a certain dice roll, it can be very helpful indeed.

The way the site works is quite simple:

  1. Input the dice range you want into the box at the top of the page – This can range from the simple, such as 3d6, to the complex 3d6+(d210/3) or even really complicated formula
  2. Hit the calculate button
  3. The possible options and their chances are displayed in the section below
  4. The results can be shown in a table, graph, exported or as a dice roller
  5. The data can also be shown as normal distribution, the highest first, the lowest, transposed, on in a summary that shows mean, deviation, min and max

But that’s not all. Anydice also has a few other functions aside from the default “output”

Some of the extra functions/commands include

  • Absolute
  • Exploding
  • Lowest number of [x]
  • Highest number of [x]
  • and more

As with the other resources I highlight, this one is free to use, but if you have found the site useful, why not chuck a small donation to them that will help keep the site running and free.

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