Todays Resource is Role-playing Games Stack Exchange.

RPGSE is a sub-site of Stack Exchange, a place for questions and answers on a particular subject, such as RPGs, programming, home improvement and more. At the time of posting this, there are approximately 170 communities.

It’s quite easy to use – A question is asked related and answers given – users are subject to a reputation award process. If someone with a high reputation gives you an answer, you can be sure the answer is, if not the correct one, then at least given by someone who is not deliberately trying to mislead you. Other users vote up and down if they agree with the answer or think it is good quality and the “best” ones rise to the top. The same applies to your question – asking a stupid or irrelevant question will result in it getting downvoted and a good one will rise up and get noticed more.

Badges (aka awards) are given if an question or answer gets past certain milestones, such as 100 votes.

Something to bear in mind as well is that “All contributions are licensed under Creative Commons, and this site is collaboratively edited, like Wikipedia. If you see something that needs improvement, click edit!” – taken directly from the site. This does help to keep spam and such down, but some people may not feel comfortable with others editing their question etc.  This is also where the reputation system they have comes into to play – The higher your rep, the greater the chance of the edit made being accepted. All in all, it’s not a bad system – not perfect but then nothing is.

In closing, i would say that this is a good site to check out. Think of it as a curated and edited global FAQ section for RPGS (and other subjects)


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