This week’s resource is very useful for the sci-fi genre and is called Space Engine. To quote from their webpage –

“SpaceEngine is a realistic virtual Universe you can explore on your computer. You can travel from star to star, from galaxy to galaxy, landing on any planet, moon, or asteroid with the ability to explore its alien landscape. You can alter the speed of time and observe any celestial phenomena you please. All transitions are completely seamless, and this virtual universe has a size of billions of light-years across and contains trillions upon trillions of planetary systems. The procedural generation is based on real scientific knowledge, so SpaceEngine depicts the universe the way it is thought to be by modern science. Real celestial objects are also present if you want to visit them, including the planets and moons of our Solar system, thousands of nearby stars with newly discovered exoplanets, and thousands of galaxies that are currently known.”

So how could you use this in your games?

The first is quite simple – You use the software to come up with alien landscape or planets to show your group. Trying to describe something in the detail it requires can often be a long and boring process, especially if you are not good with words. A picture, as the saying goes, is worth a thousand words. Some examples of landscapes you can make are found here.

But you are not limited to just landscapes.  There are also…

Whilst it not for beginners, its easier to use than it first looks, so imo is well worth a go.

The best part?

Its free.

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