This week’s highlighted resource is Tabletop Audio. For many

For many gamers, immersion is key to getting into the mindset f your character and truly enjoying the story you are taking part in. One thing often overlooked is that of sound, especially the ambient, or background sound. Tabletop Audio has got you covered. With a wide range of ambient sounds, from the fantasy genre, sci-fi, horror and more. My favourite feature is what they call Soundpad, which unlike simply putting on some music and having it playing in the background, you can tweak the settings and make your own “custom” loops . For example, under the dungeon Soundpad there are options for wind, or footsteps or fire and much more.  You can adjust the volume of these mini-tracks and have them on loop if desired. The preset ones are just as good as well, but having that option to set up your own is what, for me, turns it into a great resource.

Tabletop Audio is 100% free, but for a site as awesome as this, I would definitely recommend you think about donating what you can. If you can’t for whatever reason, that’s  fine, tell someone else about the site instead, give them some free promotion.

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