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RIGS 3.5 Chaos Magic Cube

“I hate this..thing. I hate magic in general, but this, it’s chaos given form. Yeah, it looks like a normal 6-sided dice. But once it’s activated – and don’t ask me how they do that – it’s downright dangerous and unpredictable. It’s different for each person each time it’s rolled. One guy turned to stone, another became super intelligent for a week. One person rolled the dice and it changed into something like a ball with 20 sides. If you see one of these things, get away, fast!”

Chaos Magic Cube
Power Level: Greater (8)
Activation: Blood – Target
Approximate Age: Few – 5 years
Condition: Falling apart (1)

The Chaos Magic Cube (CMC) is a magic item created a few years ao by an artificer with an unhealthy obsession with chaos and randomness. It resembles an ordinary six sided dice made from ivory until it is activated by a drop of blood from the one who is to use it. Until then it can be used like any other ordinary dice. Once activated the dice goes jet-black and the spots turn bright blood red. This lasts for approximately 24 hours or until the dice has been rolled

Although the actual effects are random they can be categorised into one of 6 categories of effects:

1 – A random item the user owns
2 – The local area
3 – Nearest non-humanoid creature
4 – The nearest humanoid to the user
5 – The user
6 – The dice itself

Within these categories, the effects are truly random, with what seems to be an equal chance of being good or bad, for random durations and levels of potency. Those that have studied the dice believe it can easily be destroyed in when in an inert form, however, this has not been tested as chaos based artifacts are notorious when it comes to being destroyed. Some think that destroying the die merely transfers its power to the nearest six-sided dice, as there always seems to be at least one in existence at any one time.
R.I.G.S. Results Volume 2, available here

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