English: Seagull. Adalar, Istanbul, Turkey
English: Seagull. Adalar, Istanbul, Turkey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RIGS 4.06 – Crock of Seagulls

“We knew that Gefalt the age hated gulls, it was an ongoing joke around the town. Almost every time he would get food, their squawking and dive-bombing would make him lose or drop what he was carrying. After the last attack on him, he disappeared for a week or so. When he returned he had a big grin on his face. And we noticed, there were no gulls around, anywhere in the town. When asked why he carried that crock pot around with him he would laugh and shake it, tapping on it and muttering something like You don’t like it now do you, you furry winged rats…”

Crock of Seagulls
Power Level: Major (4)
Activation: Appropriate Action
Approximate Age: Decades – 100 years
Condition: Good (6)

A crock is an earthenware pot or jar. Typically in a brown or other earthy colouration. any come with lids that can be fixed or tied down to prevent the contents escaping or spilling out.

On opening the pot, thousands of gulls magically fly out and attack anyone right in front of it. These gulls are normal and can be killed, but do give off a slight enchanted aura that reflects the fact they don’t need to eat, or sleep etc and can be very vicious to anyone not holding the pot.
If any of the gulls die, they can be replaced by pointing the open side of the crock towards another one and tapping the bottom.
Replacing the pot lid causes the gulls to disappear and return to their prison, no matter how far away they are

The pot lid is quite fragile so care must be taken when moving the CoS otherwise it powers will activate and several thousand gulls will appear and attack anyone in front of it.

A strong enough force from a blacksmith’s hammer will break the pot, causing it to activate one last time as the birds find their freedom as if the lid had been opened
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