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English: Quill pen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RIGS 4.07 – Quill of the Dance

“The big dance was coming up and I had inherited the family ‘curse’ of not being able to dance, but it was important tonight. Whoever won the dance style competition would be engaged to his only son and heir and would be a big boost for our family status. My brother, an adventurer and magic user of some skill had managed to find or make a quill he said would allow him to direct my steps during the dance. Well, it worked beyond our imagination and I won the competition and my brother got a massive research grant.”

Quill of the Dance
Power Level: Minor (2)
Activation: Appropriate Action
Approximate Age: Centuries – 6000 years
Condition: Falling apart (1)

There are quite a few versions of this quill. Typically made from a male swans wing feather. The ink used needs to be made fresh, within 24 hours of when the quill is intended to be used,but can be any colouration. The paper needs to be a high-quality parchment of any colour, as long as the ink can be read clearly on it.

This item requires two people to use. The writer and dancer. The writer, in real time, writes down the steps the dancer or target will take. The dancer needs to be able to freely move and must at least make an attempt to move correctly. The magic of the quill will guide the dancer to the position and step that has been written down. To save time, codes and shorthand can be used, but both the writer and dancer must be familiar with the format used.

If the words you write are incorrect, then the dance will be performed badly. Likewise, if the writer is slow, so will the dance be slow as well. With minor effort, the dancer can override the power of the quill, so trying to use it to cause direct harm to someone is almost impossible. There must also be enough fresh ink and paper for the whole dance.

The quill is quite fragile and can be destroyed in any fire or acid.
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