RIGS 4.10 – Lamp of Winter

“The thing was frozen solid, in the middle of the mirror chamber. We were lucky the fuel inside had run dry years ago. It was taking us days to chip through the almost material. But finally, we found it. The Lamp of Winter. We had the enchanted fuel it required, Belgar knew the proper rituals to appease the gods thus far and it was my job to carry the lamp back home. But damm was it cold. Legends say the Great River was frozen because of this thing. All I knew was that it was worth a lot of money to the right buyer…”

Lamp of Winter
Power Level: Empty (0)
Activation: Appropriate Action
Approximate Age: New (within the last year)
Condition: Very good (7)

The Lamp of Winter (LoW) is an oil, shuttered lamp that has 8 sides. Each of the sides has a slight tint to it and the light that shines through has this tint. 1 of the sides is tinted an icy blue. There is a handle to carry the lamp and a small chamber for the oil and fuel that is required for the lamp to work.

When the 4th side of the lamp is opened, the light it emits takes on a property that can be called extreme cold. Anything caught in the light, from the very air to a living being, are treated as being exposed to the harshest of cold winters. Frost forms, liquids freeze and those who find cold temperatures unacceptable will react appropriately. Once the light source is closed or moved, the area affected will slowly return to normal temperatures. The longer the light was in an area, the long the restoration will take.

The major downside for the lamp is the fuel required. It needs a particular type of oil made in the frozen tundra it originally came from. Any other oil or fuel used makes the lamp an ordinary light source. The other downside is that it’s freezing effect does not discriminate from a friend, foe, or the one holding it.

The lamp is extraordinarily resistant to temperature ranges. The beloved way to destroy it is to rapidly cool and heat and cool again and heat, repeating the process until the lamp breaks from the strain. Extreme heat or cold on it’s on will not work.

R.I.G.S. Results Volume 3, available here

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