With the start if this volume, RIGS will be, like Campaign Chunk series, following a theme for each volume. This volume is about weapons. I will attempt to make sure that that each week will feature a different weapon.

Sword Full
Sword Full (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RIGS 5.01 – Sword of Guilt

“Legends say that the great king Elaz wielded this sword to smite many of his enemies. Until one day a fateful enchantment was cast upon the land. Those you hated, became friends, and those you loved your greatest enemies. The tales says he returned to his castle to strike down the one he …hated… the most. His wife and twin daughters. Once the curse was broken, the king was suicidal with guilt and anger. He almost managed to kill himself until the gods themselves stepped in. The emotions could not be removed, there were so great, but they could be transferred and luckily enough the kings sword was a suitable vessel for his guilt and rage.”

Sword of Guilt
Power Level: Greater (9)
Activation: Appropriate Action
Approximate Age: Few – 5 years
Condition: Good (6)

The Sword of Guilt (SoG) is a rather unimpressive sword to look at. It has a blade, guard, and pommel. Without the enchantment it a potent weapon, but that is it. There is no scabbard associated with it. Some say there is a faint stain on the blade, believed to be the blood of the queen and their children.

The SoG has two main powers, guilt and rage. Those that wield the sword feel a righteous anger towards their enemies. Those that are hit by the blade feel a sense of guilt begin to creep up on them, with each hit increasing the potency of this effect. Eventually, the target feels so guilty towards their actions involving the user they begin to feel that their life is not worth living and the sword user should end it.

The downside to the SoG is with each hit, their rage becomes more and more intense towards the target. All thoughts of mercy go from their mind and they become focused on ending the life of their current enemy.

Destroying the sword requires the removal of the rage effect and the guilt effect, which the sword will fight against. Once this is done the sword reverts to a normal weapon and can be destroyed as any other weapon of a similar nature
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