Crossbow, Europe, 1200 - wood and iron
Crossbow, Europe, 1200 – wood and iron (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RIGS 5.02 – Crossbow of The Seige

“I had heard tales of the Crossbow, but never saw it used until that day on the practice field. Our squad was testing a new form of enchanted armor and we were testing out the various items we had acquired in a raid not long ago. All was going well, blades would bounce off, pellets would not even bruise the target. Then we tried the crossbow. Our mage had determined it had some kind of enchantment on it, but the fool could not determine what. So I aimed it at Belias, who dared me to do my worst. When the bolt was let loose we all could swear the very air rippled like as it flew towards him. Ever seen someone hit by a siege ballista at close range? Yeah, that’s what it was like for him…”

Crossbow of The Seige
Power Level: Greater (9)
Activation: Will
Approximate Age: Many – 35 years
Condition: Damaged (2)

The Crossbow of the Seige (CoS) is , in essence , a portable siege weapon. The crossbow has a short handle and can be fired with one hand or two. There is a hand crank for arming the bow to fire the next bolt. It fires normal bolts, which are enchanted by the crossbow to fire with incredible force. Some believe that this bow is, in fact, an artifact, but all agree that its power is potent and not to be trifled with.

The main power of the CoS is that it can do the equivalent amount of damage a siege weapon can do, but in portable form. Using this power is easy as it requires no more than will power. Those hit by these enchanted bolts describe the results as like being hit by a siege weapon at close range. The effect is more pronounced on stone or castle walls. The crossbow can be fired normally if so desired.

Someone once said that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This applies with spades to the CoS. Those that fire the weapon must brace themselves otherwise they go flying backward as if they was hit. The bracing does not need to be extensive or complicated, but there must be something.

The Crossbow must be taken apart in a very specific order. The parts must be burned in separate forges more than 1 mile away from each other. Failure to do results in the power of the crossbow being applied to the forge and user in a rather explosive manner.
R.I.G.S. Results Volume 3, available here

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