RIGS 5.04 – Staff of the Silent

“The Quiet Ones. That’s what we called them. They never spoke or made any noise. Just walked through the town, bowing and giving out blessings, accepting offerings and such. Most people liked them, they kept to themselves and helped out in times of trouble, just never said a word. Of course, some thugs think it’s funny and tries to attack them. The ways these monks moved was spooky. Not even their clothes made a sound. When the leader slammed the staff he was carrying on the ground the air rippled. When he slammed it into the thugs groin we all expected him to cry out in pain, but there was nothing….”

Staff of the Silent
Power Level: Major (5)
Activation: Appropriate Action
Approximate Age: Several – 4 years
Condition: Poor (3)

The Staff of the Silent is a signature item of the Quiet Ones, an order of monks that exist in pure silence. Their staff is the cause of this silence. The staff itself is unremarkable and come in many forms. The monks are encouraged to make their own staff and each is as unique as the monk using it.

The Staff of the Silent has 3 known abilities. Rumors suggest that there are more , especially for the older and more powerful monks. The first is it dampens any sound the user makes. The second is this effect can be inflicted on another, but it only lasts a short while. The third allows a master to slam the staff into the ground, making a zone of silence of around 20 feet or so, centered on the point where the staff hit the ground

The major downside is the silence effect only works whilst the staff is being held in the user’s dominant hand. Simple possesses or carrying does not work and the user must nor be wearing any glove or other covering on their hands

Destroying the SotS is relatively easy, compared to other magical items. If you can break enchanted steel you can destroy one of these items. But you have to get it away from the one carrying it first.
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