RIGS 5.09 – Knuckleduster of Explosions

“Skrag was always a dirty fighter, but we never thought he would die this way. The mysterious fighter from Franner had come all this way to challenge him. Skrag always used knuckledusters and so did the stranger. The first round went as to be expected, with Skrag winning by a large margin But the stranger whispered something to Skrag and he got mad. Wanted another fight, this time with the ‘dusters. Skrage put on his brass knuckles and so did the stranger. Skrag then got cocky and let the stranger take a free shot. As he swung his fist, those nearby swore he uttered an arcane word. Skrag heard it too but it was the last thing he ever heard as the stranger’s fist made contact with his head and caused it to explode…”

Power Level: Artefact (10)
Activation: Word (Any Language)
Approximate Age: New (within the last year)
Condition: Poor (3)

Sometimes called brass knuckles, a knuckle duster is a piece of brass (or another metal) shaped to fit around the knuckles. This is designed in such a way as to focus and concentrate the users punching force into a small area, increasing damage.

There are two main known powers the KoE possess, although the first 2 are virtually the same. An explosion is generated at the point where the knuckle duster impacts something. Merely touching another thing does not trigger it. it must be used with the intention of causing damage or harm. If a command word is spoken at the exact instant of impact, the explosion is focused away from the user in the opposite direction to which they are facing. The stronger the user, the greater the explosion.

The third rumoured power is to self-destruct, unleashing all its stored up energy in one go, centered on the item itself. As of yet, no-one has tested

The first downside, if it can be called that, is that it must be worn on the hand of a living, sentient, and most importantly, subject who is willing to use it and not under any compulsion or threat for not using it. If they are being compelled or threatened, the item does not activate but remains as a normal knuckleduster.
The 2nd downside to using the KoE should be obvious. The explosion-like effect it generates, can, if the proper command word is not spoken, also affect the user and their allies

The only known way to destroy the KoE is to activate its third power. This requires not only knowledge of the command word but a willing and sentient subject who is not being threatened. Mages are looking into other ways to destroy this item before it falls into the wrong hands or can be duplicated.
R.I.G.S. Results Volume 4, available here

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