baseball-25761_1280RIGS 5.10 – Sphere of Speed

“See I never thought the damn thing was actually a weapon. It just looked so harmless sitting there. Granted it did have an odd blue glow about it, but so many things do these days. Anyway, as I was saying officer, I never thought it was a weapon. So when I and the lads were after a bit of fun, nothing serious, I just picked it up and threw it at Bert. Yes, I know we should not have broken into the museum, and no I didn’t know there had an exhibition of arcane items on display. No, I don’t know how we got past the magical wards either. But want I can tell you is that the sphere can mess with things speed an when I lobed it at Bert..well..if you can get him to slow down he’ll be able to tell you more …”

Sphere of Speed
Power Level: Minor (2)
Activation: Gesture/Action
Approximate Age: Decades – 60 years
Condition: Average (5)
The Sphere of speed is a small, hand sized sphere made from what appears to be a mixture of marble and obsidian. There is an odd blue glow to it that seems to fade in and out. If examined closely, it appears to have several lines that go across it that seem to be made from a thread of some kind,

Although it doesn’t seem like, the sphere has several powers. Each power is activated by throwing the sphere in a certain way. Assuming the correct throw is made by the user the sphere accelerates towards the target and applies its effect. Known effects include – Speeding up the target suddenly in the same direction they are facing, slowing them down, knocking them out cold, a small explosion centered on the sphere, stunning the victim/target, and, freezing them in place. It would be considered a more powerful item if it wasn’t so hard to use.

If the sphere is activated in the wrong way, one of the items powers will fire off randomly, against either the user or the target. Also, you have to actually hit the target for it to work and those fast enough can move out the way or dodge the incoming projectile.

Legends say that the sphere can be destroyed by a counterpart item, a medium sized stick that is thicker one end and has a handle the other. If the two are brought into contact it will either amplify both items powers or negate them, giving you the chance to destroy both.
R.I.G.S. Results Volume 4, available here

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