A slight change for RIGS Results today. From this part onwards, many of them will have reference to Easthalen, a campaign world I a starting to work on, rather than references to places “far away” or “that king” etc. This will help give a bit of flavor to the items, but can be safely ignored for use in your own worlds and stories.

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“Only once before have I seen an Umbral Bomb. It was on my travels to other words. I was in that place behind the barrier meant to hold a mad god, it began with an E…Anyway. The Umbral Bomb. Indirectly I saw  the explosion it created and the after effects. The sky lit up as bright as a thousand suns, the air felt like it was being destroyed. It was hard to breathe. Then came the sound, like the very gods themselves were screaming in agony. The explosion had killed almost 10,000 troops in a matter of seconds. There was something like only 30 survivors and they were forever changed in horrible ways.

So you can imagine my horror seeing that you have one here and now…”

Umbral Bomb
Power Level: Greater (9)
Activation: Appropriate Action
Approximate Age: Decades – 50 years
Condition: Fair (4)

In many worlds, the Umbral Bomb is banned from being constructed and used due it’s fairly devastating power. The only thing stopping it from being classed as an artifact is that it is a one use item. Each one mus be built for each use required. Originally made on a world designed to hold a mad god imprisoned, those that have studied the UB believed its original purpose was to help pierce and shatter a barrier of incredible power.

As with many items designed for one purpose, the possible military use of this tool was immediately noticed. The effects on organic life are utterly devastating. The only small mercy is that there are no lingering after-effects and oddly the damage only occurs within its range. Anything even one meter outside the radius is unaffected by the primary effect. However, those who witness what the UB can do often gain some form of insanity.

The UB, as mentioned, was originally designed to pierce the prison walls of a mad god. It does this by opening what can best be described as a vortex to many energy planes and locations, all at once, in a small area, literally ripping the fabric of reality apart. All rules of nature within this vortex area are broken and changed whilst the brief explosion occurs.  The area of effect is defined when the bomb is made. Activation of the bomb is very simple. It requires the use of two components that are brought together and placed on the bomb. Without these, the bomb is inert and gives off no aura or magic that can be detected.

The after effects of the bomb, for those that are in the 99.99% to survive by luck or providence is horrible mutations and psychological damage. To be caught with even the plans of one of the bombs is an immediate public execution – no excuses tolerated.

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