Generation Crystal (Diamond variation)

Not had the time to get the RIGS Sci edition generator I use fully working, so this will be expanded on as the weeks go by. When the compilation goes out in approximately 10 weeks, then the older items will be updated to include anything new that I have added. Anyway, here is the first in RIGS SciFi. It will be alternating with RIGS Fantasy every 10 weeks or so to begin with, but this might be subject to change if anything crops up or it has a better response.

Introduction to RIGS SCIFI

A while ago I created a generator for myself and my games that output randomized magic items. The idea behind it was to create a system that could output a couple of words or more that would suggest an item name or concept. The challenge then becomes to take this randomly created item concept and make something that can be used in various games and stories. I called this system the Random Item Generation System (R.I.G.S.), hence the title -R.I.G.S. Results or sometimes just RIGS.

Each item has several aspects. All but the last aspect, details, has been randomly created using the R.I.G.S. system. These are not set in stone and if it feels better to change something one way, such as the activation method, then feel free to change it. I’ll be adding more features as time goes by if they fit or make sense.


Activation method

This aspect covers how to activate the item. There are several ways an item can be activated, such as…

  • Blood sample
  • Card
  • DNA sample
  • Facial recognition
  • Key
  • Location locked
  • Password – Inputted
  • Password – Spoken
  • Password – Thought
  • Remote security
  • Retinal Scan
  • Sentient security
  • Time lock
  • Thumb/Palm print

Blood sample

These require a small amount of the user’s blood, through a pin prick or on a slide into a receptacle. As long as the blood matches the authorised user’s list the device can then be activated.


This security system requires the user to swipe or slide a card an attached reader before the device will activate

DNA sample

Works similar to the blood sample security method, but can use hair or skin samples instead. A less intrusive method and many users do not even notice if this method is being used.

Facial recognition

Requires the users face to match those that have been allowed to use this item. Simple versions can be fooled with a picture, the more complex and high rated systems will scan the users face to make sure it matches in all 3 dimensions.


Requires a key before it can be used. This could be an old fashioned standard key, to another device designed as a “key” that looks like something else.  The “key” needs to be attached to them item or inserted into a handy receptacle.

Location & time locks

These items will only work in certain places and time frames. They can sometimes be ticked if you can figure out how they determine what the correct location or time frame i


Password – Inputted, Spoken & Thought

An item with this type of security requires a password to continue. This can be inputted into a pad, spoken aloud or directed thought, using either a mind reading cap or psionic receivers.The word or phrase must be inputted into the controller in the correct language and in the correct format.

Remote security

These items can only be activated remotely, from another location. They are often controlled by a sentient being and may require another security input as well.

Retinal Scan

These scan the users’ retina via the eyes. Can easily be defeated by removing the authorised person’s eyes, but it must be done quickly before the damage to the eyes renders them useless.

Sentient security

This can range from a security guard to a sentient A.I.  They can sometimes be tricked, but have the ability to learn and can make judgments if something seems off.

Thumb/Palm print

A simple scan of the user’s palm or thumbprint. Can be easily fooled if the user’s hand has been removed in some way. Often used in conjunction with another security method.

Other security methods will become available as time goes on, but you are encouraged to come up with your own in addition to the ones listed here.


This aspect deals with how hard the item is to use. This is expressed as a %, with 0% being even a drunk chimp could use it, to 100% meaning only an ascended being could even begin to turn the thing on, let only use it. When using one of these items, you roll a d100 and have to get equal to or over the complexity level. Many items will simply not work if you fail the complexity check, but a few will trigger safety protocols if you fail.


What is the condition of this item? Is it perfectly preserved or appears to be falling apart. You will get two results here. The first is the actual condition of the item; the second is the condition the item appears to be.

Control method

Assuming you got the item activated and can deal with its complexity, what method of control, if any, does the item have. It may run automatically once activated or may require certain key presses from a control panel.

Abilities, Features Downside

This aspect covers what the item actually does and if it has any notable features, such as a downside. 

Not every item will have a downside, but many do. It could range from only having a certain number of uses, to being unstable or anything else. Some of these are triggered with every use, other when you fail to activate the item properly and other reasons.


How big is this item? Sizes range from the nano-scale to planetary. They are given in general terms, rather than specifics, to not only give you a better idea of how big they are, but also to make them easy to fit into your stories and games.

RIGS SciFi 1.01 – Generational Crystal

“Explorers log – day 19 – We have been searching this forsaken wasteland of a planet for the lost Generational Crystal. The ancient records indicated that the GC was part of the first attempt at a long-term survival plan for our species from the Great Disaster. Thousands of these crystals existed, but this one is one of the first, not THE first as we all know what happened to that one, but was certainly made in the weeks following its destruction. Rumours say that some of our greatest scientists, teachers and engineers are stored in this crystal, awaiting future generations to awaken them. Well, wait for your release no-longer my ancestors..time to rejoin the world”

Generational Crystal

Activation : Touch & Thought
Complexity : 28%
Size : 2m x 2m x 2m (approx)
Condition : Virtually Perfect
Control method : Automatic

At first glance, the Generational Crystal (GC) looks like a rather large gemstone, in the order of meters across. There are may be variations of these GCs around the universe, in various shapes and colorations. The more beings it contains, the larger it gets and the clearer and more valuable it looks to an outsider.

Abilities and Features
The main power of the GC is to store organic life in its crystalline matrix. This process can be easily reversed by someone on the outside, but not from within. The crystal can take in only certain forms of life but can’t operate individual members within a species. The process of how these crystals are made was only known to a few, some of which are stored in crystals like these. A secondary feature of the GC is that with the proper touch and thought combination you can identify if named individual is within the crystal. You can’t list all, but you can ask “is B.Smith held within” or a similar phrased question.

None to the users or those within, except for the fact that the one who activates the GC is also stored in the gems late as well. However, if a GC is damaged then the energy within explodes, killing (or should it be erasing) those within. The more that are stored within, the greater the explosion. A secondary downside is that due to the fact they store living beings, possessing one that contains beings is considered highly illegal without a so-called Guardians-permit.

R.I.G.S. Results Volume 4, available here

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