RIGS SciFi 1.03 – Infusion Shower

“…You mean to tell me, that the item that Grimbald the Slayer, destroyer of a thousand worlds, one of the most aggressive and dangerous people in the known universe. That’s his prize possession…is a shower unit?? Wait..what was that you said before? It was connected to what? A vat of infusing nano’s? By the great maker it all starts to make sense now. How he could regenerate, keep his strength and youth and even change his appearance. It even explains why he was known to take a break everyday and be heard singing. Make sure the troops know..That shower is off-limits until we can test it.”

Activation: Handle
Complexity: 10%
Condition: Old
Control method: Speech

At first glance, the Infusion Shower looks like a normal shower unit. It can be used as one if that is your desire. As far as advanced technological devices go it is one of the most simple ones to use, yet also one of the more potent ones. It, by default, appears to be made from glass for the walls, with chrome fixtures. There is a gauge for temperature, controls for water flow and strength and may other features that would be considered standard in a modern shower unit. The unit itself can be moved quite easily and many think it was designed to do so. A third set of controls change the appearance, from a set of 10 presets, including marble walls, tiles, and what appears to be a type of bamboo.

Abilities and Features
Its main feature is the nano-infusion, which injects a stream of potent nano-bots into the water stream when the correct command is spoken loudly and clearly. The nano’s in the water can then perform basic body maintenance on the user, repairing injuries, restore vitality, removing diseases etc. In effect, it restores your body to what it would have been like at its physical peak with no injuries. It cannot cure genetic diseases, but it can alleviate the symptoms. The deeper and more potent the injury or repair you are trying to make,the longer you must be in the shower. It works best when used in small amounts everyday.

One downside to the Infusion Shower is that it requires a working water supply. The nano’s are self-generating over time, but require an external source of water to be effective. For some unknown reason, they do not work out of the water.Also, if you say, or more correctly sing, the command word wrong, then the control center for the nanos may give them the wrong orders.
It also cannot return life to the dead. Some that have tried have suggested the nanos in fact create what can best be described as a zombie-like creature as the body is there, but the mind has gone.
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