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RIGS SciFi 1.04 – Programable Hip Flask

“Day 6 – Water Supplies have run out, still waiting or the rescue team. Day 9 – Getting desperate for water. Got message that the rescue would not be here for another week, due to FTL engine failure. They did tell us about one of the items in storage that might help if we can get it working. Day 9 Supplemental. – A hip flask? you have to be kidding me? This is meant to help us? How? I know this is a testing ground for the Imperium but this is stupid! Day 10 – I take it all back. The hip flask has saved us all. It was so easy to and we had clean water, enough to last us. Just hope there are no side effects from this…”

Activation: Cap twisted in certain way
Complexity: 5%
Condition: Brand New
Control method: Buttons/Code

The programable Hip Flask, or PHF for short is a hip flask the size of a typical human hand. It has a slight curve to it, and has a screw on lid that is attached to the flask
It was designed to be an emergency liquid supply system, can easily dispense water as well as other needed liquids, such as gasoleine or petrol, but only in small amounts. The designers refuse to reveal just how the flask works, but there is hints that it does not technically create the desired liquid, but instead opens a small, one-way wormhole to a known source of the desired liquid. The name comes from the original company that made the PHF decided to call it, as they felt people liked the name better than the others they had thought up.

Abilities and Features
The flask can hold any liquid at the same state it was put in the flask. Cold stays cold, hot stays hot. With the lid on no evaporation occurs and there are no leaks. If the PHF is empty then its second feature can be used, the “creation” of a liquid. Pressing the cap and twisting it in a certain way revals a flat, lit number panel on the side of the flask. Into this panel you enter the code required. This code then opens a micro-wormhole within the flask and keeps the flask filled until the flask is turned off or switches to another liquid. It was discovered that you can open multi-microholes so that mixtures o liquids, like cocktails, can be made.

The first downside is that the liquid the PHF “creates” in fact has to come from somewhere else. If that source has run dry you get nothing. If its been replaced with something else , then the liquid you get is not what appears and you have no way of knowing until its poured out. Also, although you can technically use it to create ixtures, the instructions strongly suggest not to do this as you run the risk of having the microhole go to the wrong location.

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