hand-grenade-161954_640RIGS SciFi 1.06 – Phasing Grenade

“Hated these things. But at the same time, they are damn effective. The training was hard to be qualified to use them, but you never got over the fear of these things, which I suppose is healthy, considering what they can do. I can still remember the training holo-vid they showed us the first day. There was the poor guy testing it. He had one of those early variable phase timer versions, so he through it at his teammate, to demonstrate how when setting up right they would pass through solid objects Only he didn’t set the timer right or there was a defect or something and the grenade phased right inside the guy’s body. Luckily they didn’t show the soldiers death, but they did show the aftermath….”

Activation: Pulling safety pin
Complexity: 10%
Condition: just been made
Control method: Aiming and throwing

The Phase Grenade also referred to as a P-Grenade, or even a PG,is a slightly larger than a normal grenade. It has a safety pin and a grip handle. Once that grip handle is released you have a predetermined amount of time to throw the grenade. The PG is different in that it shifts its phase, that makes it able to pass through solid matter for a short period of time.

Abilities and Features
The PG is obviously very limited in what it can do. Its an explosive device that can pass through solid matter before returning to a normal state and exploding.

The time before it phases is set when manufactured and is called the P-Rating. Various models have different P-ratings, which can vary from 3 seconds to 10.With very few exceptions, the P-rating matches the time after activation the grenade phases and for how long. A P4-2 rating, for example, would mean that it would phase four seconds after activation for two seconds before returning to normal, then exploding. A few models are rated P-VT or Phase variable time. These are not very popular as they are ore expensive, larger and harder to use.

The first is the cost. a PG costs about 1,000 times more than a normal grenade. The second is that if you are using one of the variable timer models, the slightest error can render the grenade useless or incredibly dangerous to the user or anyone who gets in the way. There is a reason why the “Five-second fuses only last three seconds” quote has become commonly used.
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