RIGS SciFi 1.08 Temporal Communicator

“So a few years ago we discovered the secret to bi-directional controlled time travel. Wow, you say, that’s like the biggest discovery EVER! Well, turns out it wasn’t. You see, time travel is full of hidden dangers. Planets move, you have diseases to deal with, plus of course paradox. Luckily, it all depends on what method of TT you use determines what you can and cannot do. They used to be one-way trips until someone figured out how to make a way for the future to find and communicate with us in the past. Now we just have to make sure we are communicating with the right timeline…”

Activation: Keypress
Complexity: 10%/95% (using/configuring or repairing)
Condition: As new
Control method: Key presses


The Temporal Communicator, TC for short, resembles what can best be described as a walkie-talkie. There are rumored to be no more than 20 of these devices in existence. When a key is pressed, the user of the TC can communicate with another time period, determined by changing the setting on the TC via a series of key presses.


Abilities and Features

The main feature of the TC is quite obvious, a portable and easy to use a device that can communicate across different time periods. This communication is a two-way process. Any information that can be sent via sound waves can be sent via the TC, this includes voice and other information. In terms of power, it requires surprisingly very little and can run for days without charging if required. Using the TC is very simple, you simply press a button and talk. Repairing or configuring is a lot more difficult and left to experts.



The first downside of the TC is that it can literally only communicate with the past or future version of itself. In effect, the TC can only communicate from the moment it was turned on to the moment it ceases to be or is unpowered. The second is that the further from the time period you are trying to communicate with, the more likely you are to receive incorrect communication or data. Anything over an hour or so difference seems to introduce errors. For example, in the past, you may say that the lost shutdown code is 1-1-1-Alpha but the future version hears 1-1-1-Beta. It is believed that this effect is due to the TC connecting with other timelines.

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