RIGS SciFi 1.09 Singularity Teleporter

“Peoples Star Federation Science report #216.445: The chief scientist on what has become known as Project:Slingshot has gone missing. If you have access to this report then you have the clearance to know that Slingshot was, in fact, started to create a functional teleporting device. Professor Singh was known as a maverick amongst her co-workers but her theories were impeccable. It also seems she liked to cut corners and not waste time. Which now brings me now to why Slingshot has been shut down. It appears the professor decided to test the device by going through it herself. Although the distance was only 100 meters, the process appears to have destroyed her mind..”

Activation: Password and Keypress
Complexity: 98%
Condition: Experimental
Control method: Command string


Take a singularity, such as a black hole. Somehow split the black hole into two. Carefully move these two singularities apart. Anything fed into one will appear out the other one, almost instantly. According to many laws of science, this should not be possible. But something about the so-called splitting process joins the two together and creates a type of wormhole. Although not strictly a teleporter, the name stuck in the design process.

Abilities and Features

The best feature of the ST is that , although it takes a lot of power to split and open, keeping them open is much easier and requires a lot less power. Also, the process of splitting the singularity can be done as many times as desired, with no discernable issues. Although linked, each has their own energy signature and any object entering one can be sent to any on the network as long as your signature match. It is believed that there is no problems with distances, or the amount of mass crossing the event horizon. If it can fit through the gateway, it can use the network.


There are two main downsides to the ST. The first is that one of the linked singularities must be manually moved to the location desired first of all – This is a slow and costly process. The second is that for sentient/aware lifeforms, the process of being crushed down to the sub-quantum level then “stretched” back out at the other end, is mentally harrowing. As of yet, anyone who uses this process has their mind/mental faculties destroyed. Inorganic materials or anything that can be classed as “dead” is left intact.

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