RIGS SciFi 2.02 – Deep Memory Retrieval Unit

“I have never used a DMRU before. Have heard tales about them. How these use the new science of Deep Memory, which is the common term for genetic memory I am led to believe. An old war buddy of mine did. They took him back something like 6 generations, down his mother’s genetic line. Turns out she was one of the first mars colonists and was on the third ARK ship. She saw when Ark-2 exploded on impact with the martian surface. When the government found out he had used the DMRU, they paid him a little visit. Turns out they want the public to continue to believe it was an attack from the Maskdah, which as you know, was the event that started Earths first interstellar war…”

Activation: Control Panel
Complexity: 99%
Condition: Fragile, but useable
Control method: Control Panel


The DMRU is a way of tapping into so-called genetic memory. It is a large , bulky machine that resembles the MRI machines (Magnetic resonance imaging) of the 20th and 21st century Earth. The subject lies within the DMRU and the device taps into the genetic memory of our cells. These images are shown and stored on the control panel of the DMRU and can be played back at leisure.

Abilities and Features

The DMRU has, in theory, no known limitations as to how far it can go back. The only requirement is time and power. For each generation hop, the time taken increases along a Fibonacci sequence. The process itself is pain-free and many new medical techniques have been developed from the information gathered from using it as it also provides a history of changes introduced to the subjects DNA, such as from viruses, reproduction errors and more. Although it works best on a living subject, as long as a usable number of viable cells are present, even a blood sample can be used, although it does limit what can be retrieved and how far back the scan can go.


The first disadvantage is that only major events relevant to the observer are “recorded” in the Deep Memory genetic line. This is not always relevant to what is sought after. For example someones, child being shot in front of them would be very important to the parent, but not so relevant to someone looking for information on another historical event.
The second is that the process is not perfect. The further back down the line you go, the greater the chances of incorrect information being retrieved, due to mutations in the DNA of the subject and their ancestors.


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