RIGS SciFi 2.03 – Memory Gel

“This stuff is damn freaky. Yes, I have read the warning to never touch it and only use the g-beams to move and hold it. I’ve seen the stuff in action, it’s…weird. I have no idea who came up with the stuff. Contaminated M-Gel is not a pleasant thing to see. I saw once a fly had landed on the package just after the G-beam was shut off. Then the sonic activator was turned on. Seeing the mess it made, that huge, bloody, mixture of steel, plastic and fly fused into one. We had to destroy the entire batch and it set back the construction of Colony Ship Zeta-3 by two weeks…”

Activation: always active
Complexity: 10% to use (80% to handle)
Condition: unstable
Control method: G-Beams to move, contact to store pattern, sound to activate stored pattern


Memory Gel, sometimes called M-Gel, is a gel, glue-like substance that can come in many colors. Each color can store a certain number of pattern within it. It follows the spectrum from red to violet, with red gel only storing 1 or two, and violet storing , theoretically, an unlimited amount of patterns.

Abilities and Features

The details of how it works are kept secret, but essentially, anything in contact with the M-Gel leaves an impression within its matrix. Sound waves at a certain pre-determined frequency and pitch then cause the gel to take on the properties it has absorbed. The “gel” has all the properties of the material, from weight to strength. A second sound-wave aimed at the new item, at the correct frequency and pitch once more will return the material to its gel like state. This process is very quick, allowing for the rapid construction of building and shelters, providing the material has not been contaminated.


The first is that it can only be handled safely and without contamination via a g-beam projector, or gravity manipulation of some kind, which is an expensive piece of kit. Failure to use this will risk contamination of the gel. Luckily anything microscopic does not contaminate the gel.
The second is that the if the correct sound wave is generated near the reformed gel, it will revert to its original state or another stored material. The more states that are stored within, as with violet M-gel, the more potential frequencies it can occur at.

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