RIGS SciFi 2.07 – Bio Rifle

“Now listen up maggots. You hold in your hands the latest in bio-modified weaponry from those geeks downtown. This weapon will save your life. It will save the life of your fellow soldiers. It will even save the life of your folks back home. It will fire one of those fancy new bullets that it makes for itself. It will never have to be reloaded as long as long as you treat it right. It must be fed the nutrients it requires or it will not fire. Yes, the weapon is technically alive, but it’s more like a pet. And if I hear about one of you scumballs treating your weapon with disrespect, then my boot will be having a conversation with your colon! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?…”

Activation: Trigger
Complexity: 15%
Condition: Minor damage
Control method: Trigger

The most common folk, the B-Rifle looks like a normal, everyday weapon. On the outside. Inside, however, it is a sophisticated, bio-engineered device. Inside the stock is a series of organs that produce what can best be described as a biological bullet. This “bullet” is then fire or spat out by the rifle like a regular weapon.

Abilities and Features
Keep the gun feed with nutrients and you’ll never run out of bio-bullets. Many of the Bio-Rifles can fire regular bullets as well in an emergency. Each model/species of bio-gun can fire a different caliber of bullet or projectile. Some can be sticky, others piercing, with one even firing an acid-bearing bullet. There are as many possible variations of this rifle as there are regular weapons. Once a design is approved, it is also easy and relatively quick to grow or manufacture one of this weapon.

The first disadvantage is that nutrients are required for the gun to grow/produce the bullets. The second, suspected by many, is that with the weapons being semi-sentient, some older models have started to develop their own personalities and quirks, such as requiring more nutrients or refusing to fire. A few have even turned on their users.
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