RIGS SciFi 2.08 – Omni-Nom Universal Nutrient Drink

“Folks, how many times have you been exploring the various worlds the Great Imperium controls when you realise, oh no, you forgot to pack lunch. In fact, you have no food what-so-ever and you can’t risk eating the local wildlife, we all know what happens when you do that! Luckily you remember that you had your emergency can of Omni-Nom, pre-activated via your home decider-a-tron to be a refreshing blast of Ultech Red. Phew, emergency averted! You don’t want this happening to you, so get your can of Omni-Nom today!…”

Activation: Place in the decider-a-tron, then open via ring pull
Complexity: 10%
Condition: Virtually perfect
Control method: N/a

The Omni-Nom Universal Nutrient (ONUN) Drink is a small, “programable” beverage in a can. The can itself is about 10% larger than a regular soda can, with the patented ONUN liquid inside. This liquid, in its base form is rather disgusting, yet fully nutritious drink.

Abilities and Features
Once it has been activated via the decedier-a-tron, it can literally be programmed to taste like virtually anything, whilst still retaining it nutritional value. If you change your mind you can place it back in the DAT and change its flavour. Once opened the drink becomes fixed in the flavour last programmed into it.

The first downside is a minor one. The base liquid in ONUN is rather foul and unpleasant to consume, but will not harm you. The second is rather more dangerous. If the same can is programmed via the decider-a-tron too many times, it becomes unstable and runs the risk of becoming any number of harmful liquids, from bleach, to liquid nitrogen, to a potent acid and there is no way to determine if this happens without opening and drinking from/emptying the can.

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Open Gaming Store – https://www.opengamingstore.com/collections/ennead-games/products/r-i-g-s-sci-fi-volume-1

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